All Natural Suncare made by Sun-Loving Surfers!

All Natural

Natural and Organic ingredients are safe, effective, and nourishing for your skin.


Seacat will never irriate your eyes or skin. Our formula is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.

Long Lasting

Seacat holds up to hours of UV exposure when you need it most.

Loved by All

Used worldwide by surfers, athletes, beachgoers, boaters, field professionals, and more.

What the people are saying...

Stoke levels are high amongst the widening circle of satisfied customers. Hear what they have to say:

"Matt tells me that your sunscreen is killing the Sri Lankan sun. I'm about to try it out in Palau...!!"

Rebecca Gruby, Surfer/Social Scientist

"Hey guys! Seacat goes like hotcakes over here. People love it!"

Erica Hartnick, Surfer/Yoga Instructor

"This stuff is seriously the shit."

Dustin Estes, Surf Instructor/Owner - St. Augustine Surf School